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Cubefield is the kind of game that you would want to just spend some time playing. It’s not addictive, but will easily finds its way into your free time. Also known as cube runner, this speed game has amazing advantages that will make it worth your time. Besides freshening you up for other daily tasks, it helps hone your decision making skills under pressure. Not very many games out here will have the capacity to help develop your brain with as such little brain.

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Welcome to our fan site of a famous game Cubefield which is also known as Cube Runner. If you are interested in puzzle games you are in the right place. This is a site where you can entertain and also upgrade your human abilities. The positive side of This game is that it trains your brain in making fast decisions. This will help you in real life too. The plot of the game is very simple and easy to understand. First of all there is a field full of hundreds of different coloured cubes. What is your main mission? Your main goal is not to crash to the cubes and get a score as high as you reach. The game has its difficulty levels. When you start the game first it will be very simple and then it gets more and more harder. Your speed will grow and it becomes harder to provide yourself crashing to the cubes. So remember the main rule, don’t run into any of the cubes, or the game is over.

If you have a few minutes to kill, the game you could play is Cube Runner. This racing flash game on the Android market is very addictive. To top it all, the game is available for free! It is a game where you are a small prism which you have to control and dodge the many cubes you find flying at you on your way. You do this using the built-in accelerometer which is easy to control. You use the left and right arrow keys to dodge left and right as required. Aim of the game Cubes start to appear on random from all over the horizon while your prism progresses through the field. The aim of the game is to advance as far as possible for you while dodging all these cubes. The game ends when you hit a cube wherein you have to start the game from the beginning of the game . The cubes first appear in a chaotic order and then start forming a figure. It is when you pass it that you advance to the next stage. The speed of the cubes goes on increasing wherein you find it difficult to avoid collisions with them. Changing color schemes Cube Runner comes with various levels where the color schemes keep changing with each new section. Your scores are maintained at the top-left corner but you may not have enough time to look at them while you play your game. However you can check your scores at the end of the game to find out if you had done better than the last game. It’s nice to have a sort of competition between friends to find out who gets the highest score while playing Cube Runner. Simple but cheerful graphics The graphics of the game are rather simple, but are cheerful because of its bright colors. The specialty of the game is that the entire field seems to lean to the left and right each time you move the prism. This creates a great effect and adds something special to the otherwise simple game. The one drawback of the game is that it does not have any music or sound effects. It’s possible to pause the game while playing by pressing the P’ key. However remember that the next time you hit P’, the game immediately resumes without any alerts. It’s however possible to change top quality by pressing Q’ key. So on the whole, this is an easy game to play which can however get very addictive. The game basically requires good reaction and eye-hand coordination to play and not only pass your time, but also to train your reflexes and responses!

How to play the game

. It simply involves avoiding contact with hundreds of cubes.
. You will find different colored cubes and a prism.
. Your task is to move the prism around avoiding contact to score highly.
. The higher the number of cubes dodged the higher the score.
. P and Q keys will help pause and adjust the game’s quality.
. The left and right keys will help move your prism in the relevant direction.

It is the easiness with which one can play this game that has seen it become a favorite. Try it out and have fun.