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Run NinJa Run

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Run Ninja RunFor those who are fond of run games the version of the Run Ninja Run is one of the best. The game is online and flash at the same time. You are the ninja who tries to defeat the enemy and run as fast as you can in the given time. The play starts with the ninja showing on the screen and the keyboard arrows are supporting you as well.

Besides the obstacles to overcome you have to run and collect the scores at the same time. As smart as you are you can avoid the difficulties and try to find the shelter during the play. Each step is completed and letting you know how many scores you have earned.

Also there are several skills which have to be taken into account, such as: sliding, attacks and jumping and each of them are ranked. It means that on your way to the final destination you meet other ninjas who are in black and try to defeat you while running. This is breathtaking as you have to control when they appear and try to jump over them. The tent is shown at the very end of each round and this serves as your shelter, let’s say the final destination. Each round gives you hint how many scores you collected and which skills have to be improved for success. Gradually the game becomes more difficult and the sparkling golden signs are shown right above your head, these have to be collected. The path is also becoming longer with lots of obstacles on your way to success. At the end of the whole game you can see the final results and decide where the room for improvement is. Try to be as smart as possible and be the part of the game, the skilled and smart ninja.